Scroll Through Spring: April

April at the Missouri Botanical Garden began at the peak of our cherry blossom bloom and is moving into May with bright bursts of color from more than 2,000 azaleas and rhododendrons. Although we have unfortunately been closed to the public due to restrictions stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, a limited number of essential staff allowed on grounds documented the unfolding spring to share with you. Since we couldn’t welcome you in person, we invite you to take a scroll through spring with 30 of our favorite images from April.

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The Drum Bridge, or Taikobashi, framed by flowering cherry blooms.
A bed of daffodils outside the Linnean House.
A cardinal with a great view of the grape hyacinth in the Lehmann Rose Garden.
The Ottoman Garden.
Daffodils and magnolias in the Bulb Garden.
The peak blooms of the flowering cherries and crabapples overlap for a few magical days.
Pink petals carpet the sidewalk under our Crabapple Allée. Photo by Daria McKelvey.
The sheep eagerly await the return of their tiny riders outside the Children’s Garden.
A ‘Kanzan’ cherry and emerging maples in the Japanese Garden.
Bleeding heart outside the Herring House.
Tulips in the Bulb Garden.
Mayapple flowers in the English Woodland Garden.
A rhododendron begins to bloom in the Azalea Rhododendron Garden.
Moss phlox and an azalea in the Rock Garden.
A flowering dogwood in the Japanese Garden.
A honeybee drops by a mountain bluet in the Rock Garden.
A species of alpine columbine in the Bavarian Garden.
A patch of celandine poppy leads to a blooming azalea in the English Woodland Garden.
Wisteria hangs off the edge of Teahouse Island.
Colorful azaleas lead toward the Climatron.
The Zigzag Bridge, or Yatsuhashi, in the Japanese Garden.
Shooting star at the entrance to the Children’s Garden.
An azalea in the Lehmann Rose Garden.
Basket of gold in the Rock Garden.
A flower-ful view of the Bulb Garden and Hosta Garden.
Peonies in the Japanese Garden.
Wood lilies in the English Woodland Garden.
Zerogee frames blooming azaleas in the Azalea Rhododendron Garden.
A tree peony in the Chinese Garden.
A clematis in the Rock Garden.

Photos by Cassidy Moody (except where noted) — Senior Digital Media Specialist

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  1. Karen Smugala says:

    It looks majestic & glorious in every way!!!

  2. Phyllis Bigelow says:

    Such gorgeous photos- and with no visitors in the pictures, the photos have a timeless quality. Great work – we are so missing the garden.

  3. Brenda Kaatman says:

    Looks like the gardens are beautiful as always every Spring! Only this year most of us had to miss it!! Can’t wait for the gardens to open…it would be great mother’s day gift!!!!

  4. Mary P Naumann says:

    Thank you so much for posting these beautiful photos! I truly appreciate the time and effort it took to do this.

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