Focus on Crocus

A frequent subject in poetry and art, crocus are considered by many to be the first sign of spring.

Orchids Native to Missouri

When most people imagine where orchids grow, they see a misty, tropical rainforest. What they may not realize is that orchids are found on every continent, except Antarctica, and live in habitats including grasslands, bogs, deserts and many more.  Even in Missouri, with a careful eye and a bit of luck, anyone can find orchids…

Plant Profile: Phalaenopsis Orchids

Commonly called moth orchids, Phalaenopsis are popular house plants that will flower repeatedly once per year with the flowers lasting for four months or more with proper care. Phalaenopsis orchids are one of the longest blooming orchid genera. Where do they come from? Phalaenopsis are a class of around 45 species of mainly epiphytic orchids—orchids…

Garden Weather Station Turns 10

This intriguing machine offers crucial information to the Garden, which has evolved in use over time, and celebrates its 10 year anniversary in 2022.

Saving Potted Mums

Mums are a staple in fall gardens. With a little extra care, they can bloom again year after year and save you from making an annual purchase.

Native Plants Monarchs Love

In July 2022, the International Union for Conservation of Nature officially designated the monarch butterfly as an endangered species. The IUCN Red List, of which the Garden is a contributing partner, is considered the world’s leading authority on conservation status of species. The designation is a big step for monarch conservation, but also left many…

Heat-tolerant Plants

As St. Louis and much of the surrounding area experience another round of triple-digit temperatures, the plants around us are feeling it too. Hot, sunny weather will dry out soils quickly. With less water available for the roots to absorb, leaves and stems may start to wilt and flag. An occasional deep, slow watering should…

Plant Profile: St. John’s Wort

As interest grows in native plants, some gardeners may be wondering what kinds of options are available to add to their own backyards. From our experts at the William T. Kemper Home Gardening Center comes a suggestion for a native, flowering shrub with an eye-catching bark: Hypericum prolificum, or St. John’s wort. The unique, layered bark…

Honeysuckles Explained

Most gardeners cringe at the word “honeysuckle” these days. But not all species of honeysuckle are bad. Here, the William T. Kemper Home Gardening Center explains which native species you should plant in your garden to attract pollinators and which invasive species you should eradicate wherever possible.

2022 Plants of Merit

Every year since 1998, the Missouri Botanical Garden has partnered with other regional horticultural institutions to select Plants of Merit. Plants of Merit are chosen for outstanding quality and dependable performance in Missouri, southern and central Illinois, and the Kansas City metro area. To qualify as a Plant of Merit, the plants must be easy to…