Ynés Mexía: Botanical Groundbreaker

150,000—led to the discovery of dozens of new species and greatly expanded the botanical understanding of the plants of Mexico and parts of South America.

Trees for Lemurs and Lemurs for Trees

The Missouri Botanical Garden: the clue is in the name, really! We love plants – everything about them: we love unpacking their evolutionary relationships, we love to investigate how they mold themselves to their environments, we love discovering how best to propagate and grow them. But, most of all, we love simply reveling in their life-enhancing…

Plants of Japan

Japan has a rich cultural tradition of gardening, and the country is considered a global biodiversity hotspot. But you do not need to build an entire Japanese garden or start planning a trip to Japan to enjoy its diverse flora. Many thrive in our climate and make excellent additions to a St. Louis backyard. The…

Rare Tree Reveals First Flower

One of the world’s rarest trees, Karomia gigas, is flowering in the greenhouses of the Missouri Botanical Garden for the first time.

Spotlight on Science: Tariq Stevart

Tariq StevartAssociate Scientist, Africa and Madagascar Program When Tariq Stevart was around 10 years old, his grandfather took him on a trip to Switzerland, where they climbed mountains and discovered alpine flora, in particular orchids. It sparked a lifelong interest for Stevart, who grew up in Belgium and always admired the beautiful orchids of Europe….

The History of the Shamrock in Ireland (and How to Grow Your Own American Version)

Every March, many storefronts, restaurants, and homes turn green as Irish Americans celebrate their heritage through St. Patrick’s Day. Of course, many without Irish ancestry join in the celebration, too. During the St. Patrick’s season, the shamrock becomes a universal symbol of all things Irish. And rightfully so—the shamrock is the national plant of Ireland…

National Geographic Honors Garden Researcher for Conservation Work in Madagascar

Jeannie Raharimampionona has dedicated her life to conserving the flora of her native Madagascar. With more than half of plant species facing extinction in Madagascar, some may find the never-ending work to save them to be too daunting. But Raharimampionona can’t imagine doing anything else. “Sometimes I think of each plant species as a gorgeous,…

Garden Study on Biodiversity Helps Focus Conservation Efforts

Around the world, tropical forests are disappearing at alarming rates. As conservations race against time to protect these ecosystems, it’s crucial to know where it would be most fruitful to focus their efforts. Key to that is data. While it has long been understood that Latin America is richer in plant species than tropical Africa, scientists…

Fighting for the Future of Plants in Mauritius

Ten-thousand miles from home, soaked in the relentless downpour of the Mauritian rainy season, and splattered with the mud of mountain trails, Kayla Flamm, Jean Claude Sevathian, Becky Sucher, and Andrew Wyatt found themselves peering over the edge of a 500-foot waterfall in search of any hint of the delicate, pale blue flowers of the Nesocodon.

Racing the Clock for Rediscovery

Just before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down travel, Jim Miller, Senior Vice President of Science & Research at the Missouri Botanical Garden, was in Madagascar, searching for a plant that scientists had not seen in the wild since 1965.  Bourreria angustifolia is a small tree or shrub with “willow-like” leaves and orange fruits the size and…

Spider Sundew Discovered in Madagascar

A discovery by Missouri Botanical Garden staff in Madagascar has resulted in the description of a new species of carnivorous plant, the spider sundew.