Enjoy the beauty of the Garden and let your knowledge of the natural world keep growing, no matter where you are.

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Virtual Tours and Videos

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Missouri Botanical Garden Virtual Tours

Join us on a tour of what’s in bloom this spring at the Garden.

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Photo credit: Cassidy Moody

Aerial Drone Videos

Join us on a tour of what’s in bloom this spring at the Missouri Botanical Garden

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Photo credit: Cassidy Moody

Moments of Zen

Relax with a peaceful scenes in the Garden, watch a duck float by or listen to the breeze

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Photo Credit: Tom Incrocci

At Home with Horticulture

Take a peek into our Horticulturist’s home gardens

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Photo Credit: Nathan Urben

Removing Invasive Honeysuckle

Learn about removing this invasive species from your yard

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Photo Credit: Missouri Botanical Garden Staff

Shaw Nature Reserve Videos


Searching for Spring: Scavenger Hunt App

Get our scavenger hunt app>

Search your neighborhood or yard for the 80 species of plants, trees, animals and insects commonly found in the St. Louis region.

The app allows for you to search by scrolling, typing into the search bar, or by color. Users can also sort by category using the funnel in the top right corner.

To save your finds click the heart at the top of the image or screen. A sign-in is required with an email and a pin that is emailed to you.

Zoom Backgrounds

Host your next virtual meeting or happy hour “at the Garden” with these custom Zoom backgrounds.


Dig In!

Getting your hands dirty in your yard is proven to boost happiness.

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Appreciate Shades of Green

Looking out over a landscape, pay particular attention to the shades of green.

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Photo Credit: Matlida Adams

Cultivate Sensory Awareness

Taking the time to concentrate on senses allows one to be present in the moment.
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Experiment with Flower Pressing

Create a simple flower press with cardboard, newspaper and rubber bands. 

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Savor the
Sounds of Birds

Spend time listening to the birds in your yard or neighborhood. 

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Photo Credit: Cassidy Moody

Expand Your Perspective

Everything in nature, as in life, appears differently, depending on your perspective.

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Photo Credit: Cassidy Moody

How to Make a Nature Journal

Start a journal just for your nature experiences. Making this a daily practice will deepen your connection to nature. 

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Home Gardening

Mini Victory Gardens: Growing Vegetables in Containers
There are many appealing reasons to grow your own vegetables at home. They're fresh and flavorful, you’ll save money on ...
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Growing a Victory Garden
During World War I, Americans were called to help the war effort at home by growing their own vegetables in ...
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Cooking with Weeds
A “mess” is a breakfast dish of German origin that involves fried chunked potatoes, onions, and whatever else you have ...
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