Garden of Thrones

Lamenting the end of Game of Thrones? We’re here for you. After all, where else in the 7 kingdoms of St. Louis can you sit on an actual throne? And that’s not the only GoT inspiration you can find at MoBOT. Take the Kingsroad (Kingshighway) to the Missouri Botanical Garden and let your inner dragon out!

Ascend to the Throne (Ottoman Garden)

The Perfect Place to Plot and Scheme (Temperate House)

The Great Grass Sea of the Dothraki (Prairie/Shaw Nature Reserve)

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Is that a Weirwood Tree? (Japanese Garden)

Photo: Tom Incrocci

Winter at the Wall (Overlook/Shaw Nature Reserve)

Make the Bad Man Fly! (Moon Gate/Chinese Garden)

Avoid the Lannister Army on the Kingsroad (English Woodland Garden)

Research a Cure for Greyscale (Peter H. Raven Library)

Cassidy Moody — Senior Digital Media Specialist

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