Resolution Solutions from the Garden

The new year often inspires a fresh start for many of us. Whether you want to lose weight, de-stress, or learn something new, the Missouri Botanical Garden and its campuses offer plenty of creative ways to help you tackle your new year’s resolution.

Take a Hike

If your ultimate goal is to shed a few pounds in 2018, this will help you get there. Shaw Nature Reserve offers 14 miles of trails to help get you moving in the new year. Set your own pace as you stroll from woodland to wetland across the reserve’s many native habitats. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, consider taking part in one of the weekly trail runs.

Photo: Elizabeth Harris

Plant a Vegetable Garden

Eating healthy is another way to help whittle down your waistline. And if you’re going to add more fruit and vegetables to your diet, why not eat something you grew yourself? Winter is a great time to plan ahead for the spring and summer growing seasons. If you’re not sure where to start, staff at the William T. Kemper Center for Home Gardening can answer your questions.

Photo: Tom Incrocci

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

This resolution is good for the earth, and could be good for your wallet too! Create a home compost pile, or look for ways to recycle more of  your waste. And making your home more energy efficient can help lower your utility bills. The Earthways Green Resources Answer Service can get you started on the path to a more sustainable lifestyle.


Take a Break

Sometimes the best medicine is a little mindfulness. Give yourself a mental breather by taking a relaxing stroll through the Japanese Garden, or enjoy a few moments of peaceful solitude on a bench in the English Woodland Garden. A short pause for personal reflection could give you new strength to tackle the challenges in your life.

Photo: Karen Fletcher

Learn a Skill

Become a better you by adding a new skill to your repertoire. Whether it’s cooking or crafting, planting or painting, the Garden offers a wide range of classes. Find the right fit for you, and have fun expanding your skill set! (If you received a Garden gift card for Christmas, this is a great way to put that present to work).

Photo: Yihuang Lu

Discover Something New

Once the centerpiece of the Garden’s scientific endeavors, our historic museum building reopens to the public in 2018. The Stephen and Peter Sachs Museum will feature items from our biocultural collections, something visitors rarely had the chance to experience until now. The “Few of our Favorite Things” exhibit in Spink Gallery offers a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Celebrate with the Butterfly House

The Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House is celebrating a big birthday in 2018. It marks the 20th anniversary for this tropical oasis in Chesterfield. Shake off the winter blues with Hot! Hot! Hot! and keep an eye out for fun events throughout the year.

Photo: Suzann Gille



Cassidy Moody – Digital Media Specialist

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