Searching for Spring: Scavenger Hunt App

Shelter in place restrictions aimed at fighting the spread of COVID-19 may have many people feeling cooped up indoors. But spring is just outside your door!

Wherever you live, spring is all around us. You may find it in your own backyard, or with a simple walk around your neighborhood. A walk is a great chance to get outside and get some exercise, just be sure you stay 6 feet away from others.

While you’re on your springtime walk, keep an eye out for spring wildlife. The Missouri Botanical Garden, Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House, and Shaw Nature Reserve have put together a fun mobile web app to see what spring plants, insects and animals you can find in your neighborhood.

Searching for Spring is a mobile web app so there is nothing to download.

Get our scavenger hunt app>

Search your neighborhood or yard for the 80 species of plants, trees, animals and insects commonly found in the St. Louis region.

The app allows for you to search by scrolling, typing into the search bar, or by color. Users can also sort by category using the funnel in the top right corner.

To save your finds click the heart at the top of the image or screen. A sign-in is required with an email and a pin that is emailed to you.

Read the Garden’s privacy policy.

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