Garden Receives Prestigious Sustainability Award


The Missouri Botanical Garden was selected as the recipient for the Operational Sustainability Award by the American Public Gardens Association, recognizing the dedication and achievements in promoting sustainability.

APGA Operational Sustainability 2
Casey Sclar (Executive Director, American Public Gardens Association), Deborah Frank (Vice President, Sustainability and Shaw Nature Reserve), and Catherine Hubbard (Awards Committee Chair, American Public Gardens Association) | Photo: APGA

“Our motto, ‘Green Today. Greener Tomorrow!’ is not simply a tagline, but a commitment to making the most sustainable choices in all aspects of our operations,” says Deborah Frank, Vince President of Sustainability and Shaw Nature Reserve. “We know the choices we make will have an impact on the future health of our garden and the planet.”

Learn more about sustainable operations at the Garden

Andrea Androuais
Content Managing Editor
Feature Photo: Steve Frank

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