Tree Week


Tree Week // Autumn Foliage

October 25-October 31

Celebrate our tree collection, the trees in your life, and the season when trees’ fall colors take center stage.

In a display that ranges from bright golden yellow to muted copper to deep scarlet, our trees and their fantastic fall foliage take center stage every October. In celebration of our colorful canopy, Tree Week offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about the Garden’s impressive tree collection.

Fall Color Forecast

Daria McKelvey, Supervisor of Home Gardening Information and Outreach: “I walked around the Garden on Monday and I estimate that we’re at about 40% fall color. It’s possible that we’ll reach peak sometime in the next two weeks. I’m concerned that the overall show may not be as stunning as we’d like it to be. The trees are stressed since we haven’t gotten a decent amount of rain in weeks, which is why so many are already dropping their leaves. Things could improve a little over the next week as there seems to be several chances for rain next week. The vibrancy of color may also increase as the low temperatures start dropping into the 30s and 40s on some nights.”

The Missouri Department of Conservation monitors the yearly parade of fall colors throughout the state, and provides weekly updates on the changing leaves and the best places to see them. Click here to see the most recent fall color forecast.

Smoky Mountain National Park provides an interactive map to predict the annual peak of fall foliage across the country. This year, it predicts the peak of St. Louis fall color on the week of October 26.

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Fall in Photos

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