Seeding St. Louis

How the Garden’s deep-rooted commitment to the city and region continues to bear fruit

Flora, Fauna, and Fortune: Looking for Luck in Nature

For centuries, people have looked to nature for symbols of good fortune. Now the Blues are on the brink of making history, and fans across St. Louis are doing whatever they can to bring a little luck our way. It’s in honor of these noble efforts that we offer this brief history of a few…

St. Louis Plants

First opening its gates in 1859, the Missouri Botanical Garden has a rich history of connecting St. Louis with plants. But did you know St. Louis’ ties to plants also include multiple cultivars bearing its name? The following are stories of three cultivars linked to the Gateway to the West. Nymphaea ‘St. Louis’ Nymphaea ‘St….

40 Years of Friendship

Like the roots of a plant growing deeper over time, the bonds between siblings often strengthen with age. As 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the sister city partnership between the Missouri Botanical Garden’s home in St. Louis, Missouri, and the city of Nanjing in the People’s Republic of China, the Garden continues to play…

Spotlight on Science: Ashley Glenn

Ashley Glenn, Research Specialist, William L. Brown Center For many people, holidays bring warm memories of a delicious meal shared with family or friends. Maybe it’s a Christmas feast or traditional Hanukkah foods. For Garden Scientist Ashley Glenn, the holidays mean Christmas cookies baked with heirloom recipes and time spent making and jarring gallons of…