Herbs of the Mediterranean

The St. Louis Herb Society Herb Sale returns to the Missouri Botanical Garden with a focus on Mediterranean herbs.

In Praise of Parsley

As the St. Louis Herb Society prepares its first-ever online herb sale, the group sings the praises of parsley, its herb of the year.  “My goal is to bring parsley back as a valued and important herb in cooking. It is too easily dismissed,” says Anne Cori, Herb Society member and owner of Kitchen Conservatory….

The St. Louis Herb Society Celebrates 80 Years with First-ever Online Herb Sale

The St. Louis Herb Society marks its 80th birthday in 2021 in a way its founders could have never imagined back in early 1941—with an online sale of more than 8,000 herbs and pollinator plants.  The St. Louis Herb Society Online-Only Herb Salestlouisherbsociety.orgMarch 26–April 2 | Online shopping for Garden membersApril 9–16 | Online shopping…

Sipping on Gin and Juniper

The addition of juniper was by design, and perhaps good marketing because it had long been revered for its medicinal properties.

Herbs A to Z

What is an herb? The world of herbs extends far beyond parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Herbs are some of the most versatile plants on the planet. Of course most of us know they can be used for seasoning food, but did you also know they are used in medicines, fragrances, dyes, and much more?…

Herb and Heirloom Tuesdays

Nestled beneath the shade of towering hardy rubber trees, 150 “poppy joes” basil plants sit on a wooden table, ready to be handed to waiting Garden visitors. The chattering of birds and whispering of sprinklers starting up fills the air as typical daytime humidity is only just making itself known.  It is natural symphony interspersed…