Holidays at the Garden

With something for everyone, Garden Glow offers the most complete holiday experience in the St. Louis region.

Caring for Your Cut Christmas Tree

Choosing a fresh fir over a plastic pine for your Christmas tree has some definite perks. There’s the chance to make special memories cutting a tree down at a farm or carefully choosing the right one from a lot. And, of course, there’s the irreplaceable fresh evergreen smell that comes with a cut Christmas tree….

Veg Out for the Holidays

With the holidays upon us, many families and friends are planning gatherings and celebratory meals—most of them likely centering on meat. To help make this holiday season more sustainable, the EarthWays Center suggests adding some vegetarian and vegan alternatives to your dinner table. Why Eat Less Meat? Vegetarians and vegans are familiar with the question—why…

Plant Profile: Holly

It’s a plant perhaps best known for decking the halls, but holly goes far beyond holiday decorations.

Biodiversity Cake

This ‘Biodiversity Cake’ includes ingredients from as many as 16 different plant species from all parts of the world. When we enjoy a slice of rich fruit cake, we should remember how the Plant Kingdom provides us with a remarkable range of products, which we can combine in ingenious ways to produce delicious foods!  …

Plant Profile: The Poinsettia

Perhaps no plant has as stronger connection to the holiday season than the poinsettia. The brightly colored shrub has been a feature of Garden floral shows for more than a century, and remains an annual star of the Gardenland Express Holiday Flower and Train Show. What is a poinsettia? The poinsettia, Euphorbia pulcherrima, is a…