Plant Profile: Osage Orange

It’s one of the most eye-catching things you’ll ever see on the ground, but do you know the story behind it?

In the Footsteps of Humboldt

Alexander von Humboldt is one of the most influential people you’ve probably never heard of. Yet you’ve likely heard the name, whether you know it or not. His name adorns cities and schools, mountains and glaciers, and a dozen plants and animals including the Humboldt penguins at the St. Louis Zoo. When combined, there are…

St. Louis Plants

First opening its gates in 1859, the Missouri Botanical Garden has a rich history of connecting St. Louis with plants. But did you know St. Louis’ ties to plants also include multiple cultivars bearing its name? The following are stories of three cultivars linked to the Gateway to the West. Nymphaea ‘St. Louis’ Nymphaea ‘St….

40 Years of Friendship

Like the roots of a plant growing deeper over time, the bonds between siblings often strengthen with age. As 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the sister city partnership between the Missouri Botanical Garden’s home in St. Louis, Missouri, and the city of Nanjing in the People’s Republic of China, the Garden continues to play…

The Science of Looking: The Vast World of Botanical Art

Science and the arts are often treated like totally separate worlds, but the two are not incompatible. They have more in common than meets the eye. “Science and art are really intertwined,” says Nezka Pfeifer, Museum Curator at the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Stephen and Peter Sachs Museum. “They’re not these two separate specializations like we sometimes…

The Grasses of George Washington Carver

Carver’s contributions to botanical science, agriculture, and education extend far beyond the popularity of peanuts. The Garden’s Herbarium gives us a glimpse of his botanical training before that breakthrough.

The Garden and the Great War

Observed each year on November 11, Veterans Day commemorates the service and sacrifice of United States military veterans. Like Armistice Day and Remembrance Day, the holiday originated in observance of the end of World War I on November 11, 1918. Although far away from the battlefields of Europe, the Missouri Botanical Garden was not immune…