Cruise the Botanical Streets of St. Louis

You can learn a lot about St. Louis simply by reading the signs. Street signs that is. The city’s unique mix of Native American, French, and German influences are prominently posted on street corners in neighborhoods north, south, and everywhere in between. There are streets named after wives, daughters, lawyers, landowners, famous places, cultural icons,…

Garden News and Notes: January 2020

The Garden in Madagascar, 71 Homes to Install Solar Power through Garden Program, The Conservation of Fraser Firs, Why Our Scientists Are Studying Guano

Holidays at the Garden

With something for everyone, Garden Glow offers the most complete holiday experience in the St. Louis region.

Tips and Tricks for Better Tree ID

Plant identification is one of the most common questions received by the Horticulture Answer Service at the Missouri Botanical Garden. And it’s an important one, too. Before you know how to care for a plant, you need to know what it is. The same is as true for trees as it is for tomatoes and…

Gateway to the Garden

Announcing the Jack C. Taylor Visitor Center The new “Gateway to the Garden” is designed to enhance the guest experience; construction on the $92 million project begins in January and requires no taxpayer funding. This week the Missouri Botanical Garden announced plans for the new Jack C. Taylor Visitor Center to enhance the guest experience,…