Plant Profile: Cascade Mums

While mums (chrysanthemum) are a popular in the late summer and fall thanks to their ability to withstand temperature changes and their variety of colors, cascade mums can add a whole new layer of creativity and beauty to a garden. Growing these beautiful blooms does require quite a bit of planning and the right tools,…

Plants Of Demerit 2023

When it comes to home gardening, knowing what not to plant is just as important as knowing what should be going into your garden.

2023 Plants of Merit

Every year since 1998, the Missouri Botanical Garden has partnered with other regional horticultural institutions to select Plants of Merit. Plants of Merit are chosen for outstanding quality and dependable performance in Missouri, southern and central Illinois, and the Kansas City metro area. To qualify as a Plant of Merit, the plants must be easy to…

Plant Profile: Coneflowers 

A staple of many wildflower gardens in Missouri because of its beautiful blooms, coneflowers a have a long history of human use, including curing snakebites.

Gardening Help FAQ

The Kemper Center for Home Gardening answers some of the most common gardening help questions from St. Louis gardeners this spring.

The Right Rose for Your Yard

With more than 30,000 varieties of roses are available to gardeners, it’s hard to know which one to choose. Follow advice from Garden Rosarian Matthew Norman to find the right rose for your yard.

Orchids Native to Missouri

When most people imagine where orchids grow, they see a misty, tropical rainforest. What they may not realize is that orchids are found on every continent, except Antarctica, and live in habitats including grasslands, bogs, deserts and many more.  Even in Missouri, with a careful eye and a bit of luck, anyone can find orchids…

Botanical Books to add to your Holiday Wish List

Whether you’re already a plant enthusiast, or you’re looking to explore a new hobby in the new year, the holidays are the perfect time to stock up on plant books. With such a broad category, you may be struggling to narrow down your options. Leave it to the experts! The Earth in Her Hands: 75…

Remote Research: Flora at Home

Throughout the world, closures and lockdowns aimed to stop the spread of COVID-19 have disrupted many people’s lives and work. As a global institution, the Missouri Botanical Garden does research around the world, making travel restrictions a major hindrance. The “stay at home” order means staff has lost access to the Garden’s herbarium and labs,…

Tips and Tricks for Better Tree ID

Plant identification is one of the most common questions received by the Horticulture Answer Service at the Missouri Botanical Garden. And it’s an important one, too. Before you know how to care for a plant, you need to know what it is. The same is as true for trees as it is for tomatoes and…