Scroll Through Spring: May

May at the Missouri Botanical Garden features the peak of our peonies, more than a thousand blooming irises, and the return of lush green leaves. Take a scroll through the highlights from the last full month of spring with 30 of our favorite images from May.

A clematis in the Lehmann Rose Garden.
An aerial view of the Lehmann Rose Garden.

See more drone flights over the Garden on our YouTube channel.

Foxglove and irises in the Lehmann Rose Garden.
Columbine and ornamental onion in the Bulb Garden.
Ornamental onions in the Bulb Garden.
Allium karelinii in the Bulb Garden.
Pansies in the Kemper Center for Home Gardening.
A painted lady butterfly rests on sage blooms in the Kemper Center for Home Gardening.
Iris in the Chinese Garden.
Horticulturist Taylor Leesnitzer works in the Goodman Iris Garden.

Take a scroll through our iris collection — Scroll Through Spring: Irises.

Orange and red hues in the Azalea Rhododendron Garden.
A tulip poplar bloom in the Mausoleum Garden.
Nursery Manager Derek Lyle plants water lilies in the Central Axis pools.
An aerial view of the peony collection in the Japanese Garden.
Peonies in the Japanese Garden.
Peonies in the Japanese Garden.
A peony in the Japanese Garden.
A peony in the Japanese Garden.
A fringe tree in bloom near the Kemper Center for Home Gardening.
A fragrant snowbell in bloom outside the Chinese Garden.
The Gladney Rose Garden.
A rose begins to open in the Gladney Rose Garden.

Learn more about the Gladney Rose Garden and it’s history.

Camassia leichtlinii and cinnamon fern in the Stumpery.
Monarda and yellow columbine in the Stumpery.
Iris forrestii in the Bavarian Garden.
Leucanthemum gaudinii in the Bavarian Garden.

Take a virtual tour of the Stumpery and Bavarian Garden with Garden President Dr. Peter Wyse Jackson.

Devil’s tongue stinking up the Bulb Garden.

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Monarda, sage, and yellow wild indigo outside the Shoenberg Administration Building.
Lady ferns at the entrance to the Chinese Garden.
The Temple of Victory as seen through the blooms in front of the Herring House.

Photos by Cassidy Moody
Senior Digital Media Specialist

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  1. Laqueta Barstow says:

    So beautiful, I had plans to bring a group of ladies to see the Iris garden. so sorry we didn’t get to see it this year. thank you for the awesome pictures.

  2. Ginny Belpedio says:

    very enjoyable…beautiful

  3. Carolyn says:

    Enjoy the tours but also enjoyed llooking back on all the spring blooms

  4. J. Patterson says:

    Very nice. Beautiful as usual.

  5. nanci allen says:

    thank u so much for these images i have ms and can’t wallk the gardens
    u have brought joy to my heart

  6. Jackie Calloway says:

    Thank you, the photos are beautiful. My husband has been very sick but we are making plans to visit the garden. I hope he is not too sick on the day we get our tickets. We have enjoyed your garden for many, many years & thank you so much for sending these lovely photos. We also enjoy the wonderful gift shop & dining area. We, along with many other members have missed seeing the spring burst of colors. My husband enjoys getting a sniff of the Irises, his favorite.

    Hope we can make it, it always lifts our spirits & makes for a great day.
    Thank you,
    Vernon & Jackie Calloway

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